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Terms and Conditions:

We are providing a free service to host chat rooms for your community, and our goal is to make these chat rooms as fully featured and painless as possible. Please take time to read through these terms to make sure that our service is right for you.

1: Acceptable Uses. Chatcave is designed for a wide variety of use cases for which we are happy to be able to accomodate. We expect you to make a good-faith effort to prevent this chat room from being used for illegal or abusive purposes. Our services cannot be used for communities aimed at perpetrating hate crimes, pornography, child abuse, illegal behavior, or anything else that violates United States law. We take this very seriously, and have ZERO tolerance for chat rooms that abuse United States law or that are used to perpetrate abuse, child abuse, bullying, or any other inappropriate, harmful, or illegal behavior.

2: Age requirements. COPPA restrictions mandate that users under the age of 13 cannot have data collected by websites without written parental consent. We take child safety very seriously, and intend to enforce COPPA restrictions. We cannot allow users under the age of 13 to create chat rooms, and by creating a chat room, you agree to make a good faith effort to ensure that users under the age of 13 are not allowed to use this platform.

3: On Chat Room Logs Chatcave is an implementation of Ajax Chat, which includes chat room log functionality. These logs are accessible to you, as the owner of the chat room, and may be useful for investigation of moderator reports, etc. We store these for a minimum of 90 days, and you can access these by adding ?view=logs to the end of your chat room's URL.

4: On moderation. By creating a Chatcave, you agree to use a good-faith effort to moderate your community against abusive and/or illegal content. We have zero tolerance for chat rooms established for the purpose of distributing child pornography or other illegal and/or abusive content, and will remove chat rooms that we find to be in violation of these terms.

5: On server load. We have optimized our service to be able to gracefully handle a large number of busy chatrooms, and are happy to provide this service for your community. However, our server resources are not unlimited. If there are any attempts to deliberately overload the server by circumventing the software's built in load balancing features, we will take appropriate action as necessary.

6: Our service. We reserve the right to terminate or suspend any chat room for any reason. We also reserve the right to update these terms at our discretion.

7: We do not endorse or hold liability for any content that is posted by you or your users, nor are we in control of what your users post. You agree to make a good faith effort to moderate your community against abuse. If there are abuse reports of communities that are not acting in accordance with United States Law, please send us a report and we will promptly investigate. You can reach out to us by private messaging an administrator at

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