Documentation/FAQ offers support for the majority of features included with a default installation of Ajax Chat. We have also added some additional features. This page offers a basic overview of the features provided by Chatcave as well as some basic administrator documentation on managing your chat room.

Administrator Documentation

How do I access my chat room's admin control panel?

How do I promote moderators and administrators?

How can I set a welcome message for my chat room?

Can I change the email or password for other users in the chat?

Can I delete or rename users?

What is nickname registration?

How do I ban users?

Can I disallow guests from logging into the chat?

I set a default theme for the chat, but this theme is not showing up for users.

Can I add my own channels to the chat room?

Can I change the user associated with the owner/founder of my chat room?

Can I change the URL key of my chat room?

How many users online can my chat room handle?

How do I delete a chat room?

A message was posted regarding an automated upgrade script for my chat. What does this mean?

How can I access the chat room logs?

User Documentation

How can I change my password or email?

What are the advantages to setting an email on nickname registration?

Why are their parenthesis around my username when I log in?

How do I set my "away" status in the chat room?

How do I use private channels?

The chat room appears to be down. Was I banned?

Chatcave Related

How can I report an abuse?

How can I find the terms of service?

Why is there a 13+ age restriction in place?

Will there ever be proper mobile compatibility?

What is Ajax Chat?

What version of Ajax Chat is Chatcave built upon?

Chatcave Builds

Build 2 [minor update]

Build 3 [minor update]

Build 4 [future update]