About Chatcave

Chatcave (by Makestation) is a free ajax chat host, offering simple and flexible chat rooms for any community. Our chat rooms are based upon the renowned BlueImp/Frug script that has powered chat rooms for many thousands of communities. Unlike a standalone install, we take care of all server-management, costs, and maintenance for you. We offer ready-made, powerful chat rooms for free, available for your community today!

Demo Chat Room

Ajax Chat comes with many great features, including BBcode support, support for multiple themes/languages, moderator tools, private channels, and more. We've added plenty of our own features as well, including nickname registration (ported from enhanced ajax chat), command based moderator/administrator management, and support for several additional IRC-style custom commands. Each chat room also comes with a ready-made administration panel for managing chat room settings. (This is an exclusive improvement offered by us! No code edits or technical knowledge are required when you create your chat room through Chatcave.)

Aren't these a little Retro?

We know it's on your mind. Aren't we competing with Discord? Slack? Any other upcoming chat room solution? And the answer is that we could be, but for us, that would be reinventing the wheel.

We're actually unique in a surprising way. We are the only blueimp Ajax Chat host in existence. No other host offers hosting based on the renowned Flug/Blueimp software. Many of the other chat room hosts available exist for profit, but lose their novelty or are built on proprietary solutions. They add intrusive ads, poor interfaces, and inconsistent features in order to stay online.

We're here for one purpose: to offer classic, old-school ajax chat rooms that powered the internet live-conversation community for decades.

In fact, chatcaves are useful for many purposes even today. We are a great addon to any community, and we offer very easy setups. Our chat rooms are simple and streamlined, and aren't bloated with overwhelming features that might confuse users. We are suitable for websites that need a simple room that is easy and that just works. And best of all, there are no paywalls, no fancy restrictions, and no money-making schemes. We're perfect for forums of any size, staff meeting rooms, roleplay chats, and any other purpose!

Free, Robust Communities

If you are looking for a powerful, simple AJAX/PHP chat room script, Chatcave may be right for you. If you are unsure of what Ajax Chat has to offer, our official chat is our fully functioning demo installation. Whether you are running a small chat room for personal meetings, or a full chat room for your forum or website, we hope that you will consider hosting your chat with us!

-Chatcave staff

Welcome to Chatcave!

Chatcave is a free ajax chat host allowing you to great looking chat rooms for free. Ajax Chat does not require flash, so it is very easy to implement across a wide variety of platforms.

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