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Chatcave (by Makestation) is a free ajax chat host, which is a popular ajax/PHP chat script that does not require flash. Ajax chat is known for its robust user interface and customizability. However, like many HTTP/Ajax chat scripts, typical installations to be very server intensive, and as a result, many webhosts (especially free webhosts) don't particularly appreciate their presense. Our goal is to provide free hosting for ajax chats on our fine tuned servers, designed to make it easy to install a great chat room on your website without dealing with the costs involved.

Demo Chat Room

By default, Ajax Chat comes with many great features, including BBcode support, support for multiple themes/languages, moderator tools, private channels, and more. We've added plenty of our own features as well, including nickname registration (ported from enhanced ajax chat), command based moderator/administrator management, and support for several additional IRC-style custom commands. We also have added our own administration panel for all chat rooms, allowing you to perform basic configuration and setup without the technical details involved in setting up a normal installation of an Ajax Chat.

If you are looking for a powerful, non-IRC AJAX/PHP chat room script, Ajax Chat may be worth considering. If you are unsure of what Ajax Chat has to offer, our official chat is our fully functioning demo installation. Whether you are running a small chat room for personal meetings, or a full chat room for your forum or website, we hope that you will consider hosting your chat with us!

-Chatcave staff

Welcome to Chatcave!

Chatcave is a free ajax chat host allowing you to great looking chat rooms for free. Ajax Chat does not require flash, so it is very easy to implement across a wide variety of platforms.

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